Creamsource 2Up Multi Yoke

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Introducing the Creamsource 2UP Multi Yoke for Vortex8.

Crafted with the same commitment to durability and quality, the Creamsource 2UP Multi Yoke is your ideal companion for setting up your Vortex8 fixtures. Perfect for lighting crews needing more out of the Vortex8 fixtures fast.

Key Features:

  1. Double the Brilliance: With the 2UP Multi Yoke, you can harness the power of two Creamsource Vortex8 LED lights on a single yoke. This design simplifies rigging for multiple fixtures, making it ideal for both exterior and studio lighting setups.
  2. Quick Assembly: Time is precious on set, and the 2UP respects that. This accessory is engineered for swift and straightforward assembly, allowing you to focus on your creative work rather than struggling with equipment.
  3. Relocatable Handles: Flexibility is essential in the lighting industry. The 2UP Multi Yoke features handles that can be easily relocated, providing you the freedom to adapt your lifting points. Whether you choose a wind-up stand, a condor, or a scissor lift, this adaptability ensures your lighting setup is precisely where you need it.
  4. Advanced Locking Mechanism: Safety is always a top priority. The 2UP Multi Yoke is equipped with an advanced locking mechanism that keeps your lights securely in place throughout your project. It's rated to withstand movement and shake, even when replacing fixtures on larger sets.
  5. Collapsible for Storage: After a successful shoot, the 2UP Multi Yoke can be quickly collapsed for storage. Its space-saving design keeps your workspace organised, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go professionals or studios with limited storage space.
  6. Durability and Style: The 2UP Multi Yoke not only provides functionality but also enhances the aesthetics of your workspace. With its combination of robust construction and stylish design, it's more than a tool – it's a symbol of professionalism and excellence.
  7. Uncompromising Quality: Quality is at the core of everything we do. The 2UP Multi Yoke is built to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring it endures through countless rentals and productions.


10Kg / 22lbs


 Folded (W/O Handle + Spigot) (W/ Handle + Spigot)
800 x 510 x 160mm 880 x 1000 x 130mm 1000 x 1000 x 160mm